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You probably use it every day, and chances are, you’ve wondered exactly how it is that Google makes its green. David Drummond, the search giant’s top lawyer, rarely gives interviews, but few people have clearer insight into how the company has grown, how it makes decisions about where to invest next and, moreover, what’s ahead for Silicon Valley as a whole.

In this segment of OZY’s in-depth interview with this influential insider, we asked Drummond about Google’s early days on Stanford’s campus and learned that the way they went from cool idea to hugely profitable business was by taking a risk so big it could have buried them. In the next segment, Drummond told us how Google approaches acquisitions and why they’re willing to spend so much on companies you’ve never heard of.

David Drummond is an investor, adviser and contributor to OZY.


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The multibillion dollar company you know today was once just two students looking for a lawyer to help them start their business — David Drummond was, and is, their guy.