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We take a look at the numbers and tell you where they add up and, even more importantly, where they don’t.

Thora standing in brown dress pregnant looking down at her son as the rest of family surround her
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Thora Arnorsdottir and Family

Source: Axel Sigurdarson/Paris Match

Unwed Mothers in Iceland

Women Can Have It All... In Iceland

Why you should care

Because it takes a village but not necessarily a wedding ring to raise a child.

This editor’s pick first broke the ice on September 16, 2013.

In Iceland, marriage isn’t an institution; it’s not even a hobby. Instead, Iceland is a country with tons of divorce and the highest percentage of working mothers. Sound like a formula for social ruin? Hardly. Icelanders are among the happiest (and healthiest) people on Earth — and raising lots of happy, self-confident kids. Find out why in the animated infographic (below) from our friends at Newsbound.

Chilling out the right way

Cover image source: Axel Sigurdarson

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Have Americans' attitudes toward unwed mothers changed in the 21st century?

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